$250,000 in 18 months

$250,000 in 18 months

Possible? Or is the goal to high? I would like feedback from all of you on this and any ideas you have to accomplish it would be awesome! The goal is set so high, because that money would allow me to enter into an investment that I have always dreamed of!

(FYI: starting with no money and no credit...)


NO is not a 4 letter word!

Decisions are a 50-50 shot: yes or no!

$250,000 in 18 months

I have a goal of $250K within the next 12 months. Anything is possible if you have the desire and knowledge. Best of luck to you!!

250K in 18 months

Is this volume or net worth

I feel both are possible

good luck and study hard and put it all forward

Later Fred E

Earnings or net worth?

Hi, remember Enron? The oil company who had creative accounting methods of overstating earnings and assets? You know where their executives are now!
Individuals or small companies are not required to follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) since they don't sell stock or seek investors, but if you do you better brush up on accounting. GAAP requires that assets be listed at cost or market, WHICH EVER IS LESS and within in one year of acquisition, at COST! Buying a property and having a preceived value for more than the actual market value, that being what it was sold for, is deceptive and misleading to say the least, it's the Enron way of accounting. A property is worth what you just bought it for, if you look at the definition of market value. We like to justify getting a good deal, and that might be based on an estimated market value, but it does not increase your net worth, it is not an earned amount until it is sold. We pay taxes on income to the IRS based on income earned, not received, don't you think the IRS would have its hand out if you actually earned income? Like they do for the forgiveness of debt.
On a fannie mae form 1003, loan application, in the assets section, the borrower lists property owned and the estimated market value, they also require the date it was acquired and what the property originally cost. That's because individuals are not held to GAAP and may have no idea what the value of the property is, it's a starting point and in underwriting, it will be adjusted to reflect a truer picture of the applicant's net worth as applicable.
So, this Enron accounting method has been used primarily to sensationalize the money that can be made in real estate, primarily by the you know whos, to intice people to get rich faster. Real estate is the best means in this country for the average guy to gain wealth, over time, without claiming artificial amounts of equity as income. While there is no law against someone saying or stating this as an advertising scheme, it's still improper valuation, so long as such overstatement is not used to commit fraud. It's like a used car salesman claiming a car gets 35 MPG when it only gets 27, maybe down hill, it's deceptive. But hey, 27 MPG, that's still good! Why don't we comply with real definitions and valuation methods, not just to be legal, and to really know where we are financially, but to be professional! Bill

Anything is possible and Nothing is impossible

If you believe it, you can achieve it. Anything is possible and nothing is impossible. Good Luck and God Bless.



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