Overcoming Alabama's Lack of Recording Foreclosure Documents

Overcoming Alabama's Lack of Recording Foreclosure Documents

I jsut came across Morgan County in Alabama. They don't readily offer their courthouse information to the public. Therefore, it will be very hard for you to find the properties going into foreclosure, unless you get creative.

I have found these challenges from time to time in the past and I have done some of the following things to overcome it.
I have become very friendly with the local foreclosure attorneys and or their staff, so I can gain an inside track on these up and coming foreclosures.

I have gained trust and become friendly with the local sheriff's department.

I have noted neighborhoods where I have seen higher than normal REO's being sold and I have sent out direct mailers to this neighborhood or sent teenagers out to post flyers on the homes in this area.

I have networked with mortgage brokers and loan modification companies who do loan modifications for people and see if they might be able to refer people to me for a referral fee or return favor in the future.

I have paid to gain access to the local legal newspaper where some of these transactions might be listed on a regular basis.

Just some ideas that have worked for me!!!


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