Assingment clarification

Assingment clarification

Hi DG family, I just wanted to clarify something. I had someone to ask me if in order to assign property in CALIFORNIA, which is were we live do you need a RE license. He said that he explained to a RE club what an assignment was, and they told him a RE license was required. However I told him may the club miss understood him and thought he was a real estate agent. So anyways to get to the point, you don't need a license I California to assign property Right? Because basically your wholesaling property, not getting them a mortgage or something like that.




from what others in

from what others in California have said on this site, it is LEGAL to do it...You DON'T need a license...sounds like somebody got mixed up possibly...I am in ct, and it is legal here...but just wanted to jump on an answer for you


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IEE and assigning in NJ

I was speaking with a friend who has a wife in RE. She said IEE an assigning in NJ is not legal. Is this correct or can these techniques be used legally in NJ? Brand new to this and am interested in bothof these.Please advise.

I was told by a wholesaler

I was told by a wholesaler who is very wealthy from it that assignments are legal in all 50 states. It is like selling the title to your car, you are selling your rights to the home that you have agreed to buy.
hope this helps

IEE an assigning

coachrr wrote:
I was speaking with a friend who has a wife in RE. She said IEE an assigning in NJ is not legal. Is this correct or can these techniques be used legally in NJ? Brand new to this and am interested in bothof these.Please advise.

Im pretty sure it is. But since your new, NEVER EVER only take one persons word for something, always get more then one opinion or actually ask a real estate investor. And to be truthful all RE agents aren't familiar with the entire field of real estate, most of them only know enough to make their commission, bottom line.

Thanks for the info!

Thank you. I hope to finish reading Dean's book and start by pursuing these two techniques ASAP! Merry Christams and Happy New Year to all! Thanks again.

Instead of saying "I don't know"

It is legal in NJ. Not sure about all 50 states but if you dig around on this site long enough, the "family" will get you the answer. One of the things you're going to deal with is folks telling you what they think, instead of what they KNOW! Most of the time, what they think is something negative. Keep pushing coachrr!

Assigning in Texas is it legal ?

Assigning in Texas is it legal? I have people here tell me,
in Texas it is illegal to do so. I am also being told that
bird doging, and finders fees are also illegal.

It is my hope that assigning is legal here in Texas. This
will be the only vehicle for me to get going in REI, maybe
the County Court House clerk could provide me with an

Maybe a an Investor could provide me with an answer. Let
me ask you all DG family members in Texas, Have any of you
been assingning real estate in Texas?

Thanks Paul

I would find a good lawyer that understands the business

Ask around in the investment community for a good lawyer. A good lawyer should have your best interest in mind and if there are restriction to wholesaling where you are, he or she will consult with you on how to do it legally. Their is always a way. Find out what it is and become a master at it. Make your wholesale deals irresistible by giving your investors exactly what they want down to the smallest detail. Work hard up front and you have no other choice than to succeed with the right frame of mind.

I'm a beginning investor, but I know for a fact a good RE lawyer will clear up any uncertainty. It worth paying the price on the front end so you can reap the rewards on the back. You know you might also look in to a company called pre-paid legal and gosmallbiz. These companies have partnered together to create a cost effective way to get professional expert consultation for what the weathy spend outragous sums. I signed up with the service because you get the best lawyers in the state based on your personal question with regards to your business and you have access to consultant in every area of business. You can get all this for less than $3.00 a day. Oh and the lawyers are selected through rigorous analysis and are AV rated meaning they are superior to the rest of the lawyers in the state. My provider law firm actually operates in my hometown and is the headquarters for the entire state, but they have a referral network through out the state. My law firm is over 100 years old and not a single blemish on their reputation. I believe this would be the best way to go for any real estate start up to have access to qualified experts in all areas of small business for a measley small price tag. Just thought I would throw that option out there if legal advice seem financially intimidating and as well as taxes. You can also ask any question you want to one of the best tax specialist in the country. This company has a lot of other great resources that you can use that I can't even begin to scratch the surface. I would check them out online by googling pre-paid legal and gosmallbiz. Don't ask me to clarify anymore, just do the research.


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Thanks Bp 731

Thanks for the reply Bp 731. I will do as you say, that is
too look for answers in the investment community. Then get
a good attorney. In addition to that I will just keep on

Thanks Paul

I live in Texas

I live in Texas and no assignments are not illegal. Check this out, the best way to find out how or if they work in your town is to do this: look up those guys in the thrifty nickle, the ones that say "We buy any house any condition", call those guys and ask them if they ever need bird dogs. If they say yes immediately ask them if they are cool with assignments. If they are then you know they are done in your area and are a common practice with these investors. It will make your life that much easier and create a huge comfort in the fact of knowing that you are venturing into familiar territory.


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