Assigning Foreclosures

Assigning Foreclosures

Hello again DG family. Well unfortunately i've been having a hard time finding a FSBO and getting it up under contract. So I had a idea of moving on to foreclosed properties hoping that it'll be slightly easier. Can someone tell me, is it possible to assign a foreclosed property the same way you would do a FSBO?



Lock it up!

We are going this route as well. We are using the Old Fashioned way to find deals. You can find the information on doing deals the old fashioned way in Chapter 5 of Profit in Real Estate Right Now.

We are having a hard time of it because our buyers want something soooo cheep that well lets just say our first deal is probably going to be quite the challenge!

How we plan to get the foreclosure deals is to find a home that has already been through the foreclosure process. We will then call the bank as for thei REO department and from there we will use the contracts that are in Deans book I mentioned above to Lock up our deal. Then we will sell the home to our clients and pocket a small profit!

Well that is how we hope everything will go. Anyone else who might have more experience?


You can't save the world but you can offer a hand up to a few along your way.


I am new to DG family but I have learned and which you can also make sure that when you put an offer to the Bank on a REO, the bank may now allow you to put the phrase "And/Or assigns".



Wish Everybody a great success in their Real Estate Business


Hello everyone. I just saw Dean' infomercial and am pretty excited about this. I know I can do this. I am in the Army right now but have been thinking about getting into the real estate business. I feel that this is real and not like all the other fluff sites. With everyone helping each other we can all be successful.


It depends on what you banks policy is whether or not you can assign a foreclosure. Have you looked at tax sales also. You may find some sweet deals there and the pricing is much cheaper than a forclosure, at least up here they have been. Another avenue to look at for you.....Jan

REO Foreclosure - short sale

hi everyone - can someone please help me? I am dealing with a R.E. Agent who ask that I fax my offer to him so he may submit it to the bank. What guarantee do I have that my offer is being submitted? Is if feasible to work with the bank directly? should I ask the agent for this info and if he/she will not devulge the info should I proceed or walk away? Also, I should mention that the deal is in another state, not where I live.

Question 2- can this type of deal be assigned?

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