Finding Cash Buyers

Finding Cash Buyers

Are the names of folks who have recently bought houses in cash public record? I know how to find pre-forclosures at the county courthouse, ect, but wanted to know if there was anyway to pinpoint cash buyers specifically. Any guidance would be appreciated!


Where to find CASH BUYERS???

Attend real estate auctions! Most people buying homes at auction are cash buyers or at least have access to cash. Attending a real estate auction is free and only requires the courage to strike up a conversation with one of the bidders to find out what they do. If they purchase outside of auction, they may be a great investor to add to your list!
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Ask on here. I've found 7

Ask on here.

I've found 7 already. Of which 3 i'm actively searching properties for, the other 2 i'm verifying financial and business matters to continue, and the other i'm in the preliminary stages with.

Just ask and tell people on here what you can provide, what do they need, and just be open and honest. Being dishonest with someone you haven't met is not a good thing; if you're new at something, let it be known. If you've never done something, be honest; don't say you have. Just say "i've never done that but i've heard and will have someone who is more experienced helping me in assisting you at no extra charge".

Just ask

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