Down Payment

Down Payment

I am new to the site. I don't get much computer time. I apologize in advance if this has been answered 100 times. (I have read the books though)

I was curious where to get down payment money. Investments are looking at 25% down. I have owners willing to hold some financing, but not all. I called some banks and they gauge the 25% on your total exposure. So even if the seller holds financing you still need to show the bank you have the whole 25%.

Trying to buy investments to rent out, multi families. Anyone know any loop holes to this game?

Thank you so much for your responses.


Get your feet wet

I am a newbie also and just getting started.
I have been working on my buyers list and other invvestors that will pay a bird dog fee if I find them deals.
I would like to buy cash flow properties someday but know that I need to start somewhere or I will get nowhere.
This process will allow you to get in the game and at the same time help you meet others that can help you attain your goals while putting a little cash in your pocket.
When speaking to an investor that was lookig for bird dogs I spoke with him about doing assignments with him and he was very open to the idea.
hope this gives you some ideas about how to get started.

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