Potential Deal

Potential Deal

I just came across what could be a good wholesale deal in that I have a very motivated seller and the begininng of some good numbers.
3 BR 1 BA 1,200 Sqft
Estimated ARV: $100,000
Repairs Est: $15,000
Asking: $70,000
Owes: $57,500
Owner says she just wants out from under her note and is very anxious to sell as FSBO.
I'm taking my contractor with me on Saturday to inspect the house and get a better repair cost. Do you think a Subject To or standard Wholesale strategy is best in this case? Thanks in Advance for your suggestions.


Never wrong to do a subject

Never wrong to do a subject to but she may also say you have to take 'AS IS' since she's selling it at such a lower price.

Take your contractor, see what he says, and then go from there, but if you're getting a good deal, don't force the matter or be insulting to the client

Good luck

could be fast cash

I've been reading Deans new book, and it sounds like you could either assign to an investor and make a quick $5k - $10k. or a sandwich lease option, depending on the repairs that need to be done. GOOD LUCK!! Julie

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