Calculating Offers

Calculating Offers

I have a question for the group on how you calculate your offers.
I'm focused on bank-owned properties, but I guess this applies across the board.
I have been using the following formula:

low end: ARV x 50% - REHAB cost
high end: ARV x 70% - REHAB cost

So, if I figure the ARV (after repair value) at $150K and the property needs $20K of rehab, I will offer between $55K and $85K.

I usually do a double check by running all the closing, holding and rehab costs, plus commissions and interest for HML and other investors. This gives me a range for the "potential profit".

What do you all think? How are you calculating offers and running your numbers?


Offer Formula

Hi Steven

I am using the formula provided by Nathan Street one of the Success Academy Coaches on the following link:

Offer Formula:

You may want to check it out. It will answer your questions.

Be well,


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