Vacant Home...Can't Find Owner

Vacant Home...Can't Find Owner

Can anyone tell me some alternative ways to find an owner of a property? I've been seeing this home everyday for the past few weeks. It has those paper notices in the windows (I can see them while driving by). I believe it's vacant because I noticed the snow on the drive way hasn't been shoveled. I got the information on the property by looking up the tax records and found the name of the owner. But I can't find a phone number to get in contact with him. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help!




Look up the property address on your county website tax records. It will provide the owner name and all tax information. If the records in your county are not available online you may have to go to the courthouse to get it. Hope this helps! Smiling



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white pages

do a google search for the "white pages phone directory" for your area.
enter the name and address
I have used this before and it worked
hope it helps you

good advice up above, also

good advice up above, also write a letter to the owner with that address, If there is a forwarding address your letter should reach the owner. You can also knock on a neighbors door and ask them if they know how you can contact the owner.

phone or snail mail

this raises an interesting question.
For first contact would you use phone or snail mail?

phone of course if you have

phone of course if you have their number, then knock on the neighbors door 2nd and send the letter just in case.


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Good advice

Thanks everyone. I tried the online tax record search along with the online white pages and I didn't find a phone number. I'll stop by the property and knock on neighbor's doors and ask for info. If all else fails I'll send a letter. Thanks for all your suggestions! I really appreciate the help.

Yeah do

Yeah send the letter now. Still go ahead and check with the neighbors. I am currently trying to hunt down 2 owners of 2 vacant houses myself. I sent letters 2. I am assume it got to the owners correct address because the letters didnt come back to me. I put my return address on the envelope so it can come back to me, it didnt so..... I am actually going to go knock on their doors tonight. You see the tax records had their current addresses, so mailed a letter. Now I will go knock their doors and see if I can get hold of them.


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You might have luck with I haven't used them myself so can't tell you details but it's another avenue for you. I wish you the best with this!

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Papers on Window

You mentioned that there is some paper on the windows of the house. Did you take a look at them? Are they papers for winterization?

The papers may also give you an idea about what is going on.

Letter contact

I just sent out a letter to the address. Hopefully it will get forwarded to the right hands. @homless, I haven't looked at those papers up close, so I don't know if they're for winterization.

Vacant Home

The point I was trying to make is that banks will place papers on a house that has been foreclosed or repossessed. Looking at the notice on the house may provide a clue.


I understand. I will investigate that further and see what comes up. Thanks!

phone numbers

you can also go to for a people search....good luck!


More Details

This morning I left earlier than usual for work and I actually drove up to the property to take a look at those papers, as "homeless" suggested. I found out that they were signs of winterization. I also saw a lockbox on the door. No agent sign in the yard. I peeked inside to take a look around and it seems like the home is in decent shape. Tax records show individual's name and not a bank. Where do I go from here?

Same Problem

I am dealing with the same thing currently.

Yesterday after checking on the county auditor site I saw that the mortgage was serviced by Wells Fargo, so I did a google search for Wells Fargo's loss mitigation number. After calling the number they gave me the number of the forclosing attorney who I'm contacting today. I also will be calling the county sherrif today to see if they have any further information as to when the auction date is set. Any suggestions? Hope this helps you out to.


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