Looking for Buyer?

Looking for Buyer?

I'm an investor. I buy cash and close quick.

If a wholesaler or bird-doggger has property under contract in Los Angeles county, please PM me.

Looking for:
3/1+ SFH/Condo/Townehoue. Fixer OK.

Lets get together close some deals.



If you have anything we can do a quick close.

So Cal

Anyone wholesaling in LA county?

I have killer deals but not in LA but In PA

I have properties that have any where between 30 to 70 percent return onyou cash. Let me know if you are interested.


Northwood Realty Services
Hermitage Office
490 N Kerrwood - Suite 202
Hermitage, PA 16148
Office Phone: (724) 981-9771 Fax: (724) 342-0963
John Sallmen III
Real Estate Agent


What do you have in PA and where?

Thanks Donna