Happy Happy Happy I finally got A Attorney

Happy Happy Happy I finally got A Attorney

after weeks of Searching A Attorney contacts me via E-mail & phone is willing to Do deals with me I'm going to call him back in the mmorning On fees & stuff .

I Have found 4 Homes in the California Area & 1 Duplex/Multiplex that i'm going to tell my Attorney about & see if the Owners will do Assignments & IEE's with me The Duplex I'm thinking about Purchasing myself & renting it out to renters for Cashflow .

So If your in the CA area or If you do deals in CA please Contact me & I'll give you my Attorney Contacts So we can Do Deals .

I'm Extra excited I may take the Money i make off the 4 homes i'll Assign over & Buy my oown in Encino,CA & Move to California & Continue been A Real estate investor & Keep the 1 Duplex & rent it out to Rentersfor a on going Income each month .


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