My broke life & why I choosed dean's Books ( A MUST READ )

My broke life & why I choosed dean's Books ( A MUST READ )

hello! I'm Candace ,I'm 27 & I Have A Disability ( Cerebral Palsy ) I currently live off Social security which isn't much its maining living check to check i can't rent or buy anything due to ruining my Credit with Credit Cards , Have had A Garnishment on my Checks but The Bank & Social security stop it due to it been illegal to Garnish Disabled persons Befenits .

But I still have Creditors Calling & Bad credit ..

life then seemed blury , I live with my Sister who like others think its a scam & that I need to get A real Job & blah blah blah.

I purchased deans books all 3 books & i'm talking to a attorney upon working on assignments & other deals tomorrow i'm soooooo excited .

my thing is NO! will offer to pay your Bills or rent they'll offer to Spoild your mind with their Stagnant way of thinking , I've learned that NO! one will come by & offer me money to pay off debts or to get my Credit back right to Purchase My own home , they'll more then helpful in trying to tell you whats not going to work & whats not real But will they take part in Offering you Money to pay your bills Heck No! .

So thinking in that way NO ONE WILL DO IT FOR ME has abled me to Block Those haters out & do what I need to do in order to get myself on the road to Financial Freedom .

So if theres anyone out there Who has Haters telling you it can't be done , You should ask them Are they going to help pay off debts & rent & buy you food & clothes & see what they'll say & then tell them its my Life , My issue you aren't going to offer me anything to get on my feet then Don't offer me your Negativity .



Good for you on not letting anyone stop you. Keep on fighting for what you need/want. Keep us posted on what you discuss with your attorney. Good luck!



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