Is it a good idea to get an agent if you are doing short sales?

Is it a good idea to get an agent if you are doing short sales?

I know that you want an agent to list the property for you when you are trying to sell, but what about when you are looking for the short sales? If you do get one how do you get them to let you take over negotiations with the bank if it is thier listing? Also how do I get them to let me have the owner sign the release agreement that let's me speak to the bank on their behalf? I talked to an agent and he said his broker would have to ok everything and might not go for the release agreement.

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From an agents POV if you're

From an agents POV if you're starting out and a rookie, most, myself will not waste my time because if you have to ask it comes off as a waste of time and you could be holding up the process while a more experienced investor is not given the chance which keeps the agent from getting his commission faster.

You could always try and find your own short sales no problem, but as a proud card carrying RE agent who constantly has to defend my position on here, i'd say it can't hurt to find a realtor to help you in your quest. If you find your own, fair enough, but we do sometimes have an inside track on things that others wouldn't