New HUD Flipping waiver

New HUD Flipping waiver

Now that HUD (since January) has temporarily suspended the anti-flipping seasoning rule, how has that changed some of the straegies discussued in Dean's books.

I am new to this forum and I could not located a discussion on this isuue.




great question

how does this effect us flippers???

You no longer have to wait

You no longer have to wait 90 days after your purchase to re-sell the property.


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new HUD Flipping rule

You can now find information on this lending topic and others on the newly created group entitled:

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I hope to hear from you there.


Credit Repair Help

A past client of mine recently contacted me for my help on credit repair as he was in need of getting his credit to a 620 minimum score in order to invest in one of my homes. I have many times in the past spent the time to coach and or help a borrower to improve his credit in order to obtain financing. But, nowadays, anything that takes me from my investing and lending business does not prove to be a good use of my time.

So I began checking out a number of credit repair companies that claim to be reliable and reputable only to come up disappointed and unsure if I ever would find a company that I might recommend my buyers / borrowers to for credit repair.

Then, out of the blue, another friend of mine that is also in the mortgage industry, called me to "check out" an opportunity. I was thinking "Oh no, not another meeting about selling soap or berry juice to take me away from what makes me money. As I gave my friend my word to do so, I reluctantly checked it out.

The opportunity happened to involve credit repair. I was amazed at the information and the credit repair service, and let me say it takes quite a bit to amaze me. But after coming up empty handed in my credit repair company search, this information was indeed welcomed.

I discovered that the company has a great rating with the better business bureau and they offer a money back guarantee.
Also, they can provide real-time status on my buyers / borrowers as they move through the credit repair process. So I figure this is better than ACT or Goldmine in tracking the people that enter into the credit repair service. In short, I will know exactly when they hit the desired score target so I can immediately move them up in my buyer's list and active borrowers list. Cool huh?

I have been in lending and finance going on 28 years and I have seen some pretty strange ideas that have come to my attention over the years, but I can honestly say I have never seen anything like this. The company offers real credit repair help and education that most Americans need in today's economy.

So, I am sending you this message to ask you a favor. If you like, you can PM me and I can share with you the information to see if you are equally as impressed as I am.

As I very much value your opinion as both a lender and investor I would be interested in knowing what you think.

Oh by the way, my wife and I are contemplating signing up to be independent agents with the company as a side-line business as many of my past clients and current buyers are in need of the services that this company provides. We have been looking for way to provide additional income while we continue to build our investing business. We feel that this may be perfect for us.

Please check this out. I would really appreciate your input. You can PM me and I can share the information with you.


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