No Lawyer - Assignments

No Lawyer - Assignments

Ok I have spoken to A Attorney but he wants $2500.00 upfront const Which I don't have due to been on A Low Fixed Income , I have tried to Negotiate A Deal with him but he wants $2500.00 .

I'm wondering if I can still do Assignment deals without A Lawyer or do I Need one?

Or could I ask A Investor to give me the $2500.00 to pay for the Attorney fee ?.



No Lawyer No Assignment.

If you are in a large or major city there is an organization called score
that will give you legal advice for no cost. Attend a local college there
are entreprenuer resources that will help you for free. Basically, you need to find somone who will and wants to work with you network,talk to people and ask don't be afraid. You can only get out of life what you ask for.

Make it happen!

another suggestion

If you network with a REIA group, you will find other wholesalers. Ask an established wholesaler if you can use their assignment contract. Find someone who had their contract approved by an experienced RE atty. If they have used it before and it has stood the test of time, you should be fine to use that contract over and over again. This should cost you nothing. You can even attend the first meeting or two for free. Good Luck.


What state are you in? Send me a private message. I can assist you in getting a lawyer that will charge so much less than that.


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Thank you All

Thank you All Very much I've Contacted The Organization Score & @Build_asset I sent you A PM upon helping me with finding A Cheaper Attorney check your E-mail .....LOL


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