long distant transaction

long distant transaction

how i know if is not a scam the house is in cleveland where i stay but the owner in portland he ask me for the money and then he will send the deed


Carmello, I would ask the


I would ask the seasoned people on here by sending a personal message such as Rina, Anita, Joe, etc. Just see who is online now and ask them. I haven't done a deal yet, YET, but I don't trust anything that doesn't go through proper channels. Just my opinion. By the way, nice work on finding a deal already!

Bothell, WA


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Not I

I personal would not do that. If its really a good deal I would get a attorney involved. You pick him. Hopes this helps.




Title Co.

If you have already had contracts drawn up between you and the seller. Get the paperwork to your title company, have them pull title to make sure there are not any liens or judgements against it so that you will be able to have a clear title once you close. If this is a true transaction then the seller will not have any problem with this and then when you close the seller's money can be wired to him. Always be careful when someone is asking for their money up front and then sending you the deed. Go through the proper channels so your deal will go smoothly.
Hope this helps.
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I would play it safe and as Randy said get your attorney to contact his attorney. Get something written out so you can be protected. Can I ask how you found the property?



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An attorney and title

An attorney and title company, and a title search is done on the home to make sure there are no liens or anything on the home so you get a clean title. The seller wont get his money until closing and you get the deed put in your name. win/win.

long distant transaction

i found the house at craig list what laura say sounds very good i didn't think you guys really care but i was wrong this may really work you guys gave me a few ways to go about it and i'm really greatfull thank you