Phone Info

Phone Info

I am just starting to call ads in the paper and on craigslist that include for rents, duplexes, and fsbos. Many investors on this site, including Greg Murphy and Carol Stinson which we all know from their amazing stories, use this tactic in hopes to find a landlord that is looking for some relief, an investor through a for rent ad, or an owner of a duplex who is willing to sell it for 50% off, etc.

But just WHAT exactly do you say on the phone? (SPECIFICS PLEASE). I have called a couple ads, and they went (relatively) smooth, but I find it hard to come up with things to say or questions to ask that are relevant and keep whomever may be on the phone intrigued, without asking questions that might seem too personal (any leins, backtaxes, where are you relocating to, ect)right off the bat.

For example, should you say "Hello, I am a local investor"...and then start. Or should you just call from a 3rd party view just as a regular customer? What types of questions, lets say to attract investors for instance, would you ask? Should you say something like, "I am calling in regards to your ad in the paper." (knowing whoever you are speaking with is the owner, "I see you have a house for rent. Using unique marketing strategies, I am able to find houses at exceptionally low prices even in this current down market. Is this something that interests you?" How would you find out if someone is an investor, because just using the law of averages, most probably aren't.

This seems like such a simple scenario, but when it is in real-time and you are not reading it on the internet, but rather speaking to someone, ideas get lost and jumbled.

What are some of your favorite phrases to use on the phone?