I need help! No money, no credit, not much time...Need advice!!!!!

I need help! No money, no credit, not much time...Need advice!!!!!

I'm 6 and a half months pregnant with 3 little ones running around. I'm a Realtor in northern California and haven't been able to work in this pregnancy for health reasons. My husband and I have no savings, and his job doesn't even cover our monthly bills. Our credit sucks and we're desperate. We're renting a bedroom at my Mothers house, which is cramped to say the least. My Mom is selling her house in a short sale and has a N.O.D. on file and refuses to do a lease option. How can I make a few grand in the next month with no money, no credit, and no childcare. I'm looking for all and any advice. I'll do anything. What can I do from home to make money so we won't end up homeless??? Please, please, please help me!!!!


I may be able to help!!!

Hi, I work with a short sale specialist maybe I would be able to talk your mother into letting me and my partner negotiate the shortsale on her behalf and in the meantime give you a 500 dollar birdogg fee just for letting us know about the property. In addition we are looki ng to lock up some more properties in CA that are reos bulk reos and shortsales and if you would be willing to use your agent skills for thiswe woulf love to talk to you soon. pm me asap with your contact info such as email address and phone number and I will get back to you asap.
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Sorry about your situation

Sorry about your situation but the fact that you're a realtor gives you lots of flexibility.

Can you work from home on your laptop??? If you have clients why not have a fellow agent in your office show your clients and split the commission.

I'd also look for investors looking to buy great deals; you have the inside track, so take advantage of it

i hope things get better

hope things get better in your situation, you being a realtor are you not allowed to short sale your mom's home? that can be 1000s of dollars for you, specially here in california. use the realtor license to your advantage thats a BIG plus you got going. You can do alot of these things from home if you're healthy enough to do so. good luck! YOU CAN DO IT:)


Responce to EDENALONZO

Hello my name is John, with you being a Realtor is a very powerful tool you have there. Call a colleague ask them to split commision our have your husband take the realtor course and he can split the profits with you.

On your moms home I suggest you and your husband ask her to lease it to you and your husband that way it still stays in the family. I think your mom will go for that option.

Hope this helps


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I have no money to invest no credit at all it is very poor at best, I'm skeptical about orering Dean's bok I don't want to waste my time. Are there any REALISTIC ways to prosper with this sytem without any money credit or additional resoures??

The bank won't approve a

The bank won't approve a short sale because comps are $300,000 as is and she owes $265,000. I've already tried with her lender. Also my husband and I can't afford the monthly payments at her home. We aren't making it now as it is. Its been listed by me for 2 months at $310,000 and her bottom line is $300,000. Her home needs work. Its never been updated or maintained and it was built in 1973! She tried to get a loan modification but was denied because of her low income. After value repair is $350,000-$400,000. Its in a great area, low crime, middle class neighborhood. 4bd/2bth 1414 square feet with a nice sized yard. Its located in Napa, CA which is a pretty pricey area due to being in the heart of the wine industry. Shes owned it for 23 years. She refuses to do a lease option because she wants out completely. She has to make a little money out of this sale or else she'll be homeless as well. She has no savings and makes $1000 a month to support her and my 13 year old sister. As you can see this situation is difficult. Under these circumstances, how can we make this work??? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

I hate to be the one to give

I hate to be the one to give the raw advice but your mother has very few choices

1. Rent the place out

2. Lease option. Her most realistic option

3. Find a buyer

4. Lose the house completely and be homeless.

Truth of the matter, her ONLY realistic option is the lease option.

Maybe a few people on here could band together and purchase it, rent it out to your family while you get on your feet, and then maybe sell it back to you or elsewhere. You being in wine country I can completely understand why the banks won't do a mod.

do you even need

do you even need to do a short sale? Sounds like a house with equity. why not just list it for around 280K. If the ARV is what you say it is it's hard to believe that no one would purchase it. Am I missing something? It sounds like a deal that we here all look for. How much of repairs does it need? I also agree with elixbrown a lease option would be a good idea.


Get a roomate. Since it's a

Get a roomate. Since it's a 4 bed house, your 13 year old sister can sleep with your mom in one bedroom for the time being. It's more difficult to be homeless if you won't do all the means to save your home. Having a roomate for just a short period until everything are put into order is for me a good option. you can then focus in Real Estate Ask somebody in your office who's still single or post something in Craigslist under Roomates or Rentals. Or perhaps a relative. Just refuse to lose and you will win. Blessings to all. LA


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If your mother wants completely out of this deal, you could contact the lender to see if the loan is able to be assumed. It is possible that the lender/investor may be motivated to change some terms of the note if they understand that this property is coming back via foreclosure. I understand your mother wants something for this property but in this senario she may not be in the position to negotiate much.

There is the option of selling the home subject to the existing financing, and create a wrap mortgage. You would require a down payment from the new buyer. The new note would be formed and the new buyer could pay their payments to a title or escrow company. The escrow/title company would in turn pay the mortgage and her any overage. This new note could have a 1 - 5 year balloon payment so at that point she would be completely out of this deal. The down payment would need to be at least enough to cover her back/missed payments. You want to look over the existing mortgage to ensure that there is no due on sale clause on the mortgage. If there is you may be able to speak to the lender and inform them of the situation or transfer the ownership of the home to a land trust. I hope that this information helps!


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Eden,You're a realtor. That


You're a realtor. That fact alone makes me wonder why you're even asking a bunch of total strangers unless I can understand you don't want your
co-workers in your business. Otherwise, you may have to explain to your mother or have someone do the same that there is a 99.9999999999% chance she's not getting a dime.

She might want to accept that and be happy to have the loan out of her system and off her debt ratio.

You being in wine country there isn't any investors out there that would buy her place???

If you can, send me a PM with the details of the house and let me see if I can find a buyer. Don't worry they'll pay my fee. Let me know how much she wants to walk away with at closing and how much she wouldn't mind walking away with at closing.


I'll do what I can, if I can.


I am so sorry about the rough patch you are going through. I've gone through a couple hard times myself, but not with 3 little ones and a baby on the way. Gosh, you have a lot on your shoulders right now. Just be strong and you'll get through this.

I'm wondering why your mom is doing a short sale? If the house is worth $300K as is, and she only owes the bank $265K, why the short sale? Is there another lien on the property (e.g., a second)?



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I may be able to help....

Wondering what part of Northern Ca you are looking for properties in. I may have a few repos and short sale homes to bird dog for you.

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I just searched Craigslist under "Housing Wanted" and there's a few listings that are looking to rent out a room in the Napa area from $600 to 800 a month. Also submit an ad under "rooms/shared" section.
It's a start.

Thank you all for all your

Thank you all for all your help but my Mother is a VERY stubborn and unrealistic person. I've told her many times shes in no position to negotiate. As for renting a room out, my Mother would never have a stranger in her home or give up her own bedroom. I know how this sounds, but shes one of those people you can't believe exists out there until you meet them. I have been pushing for a lease option from the beginning but she refuses. Her whole life shes been a "victim." She does in fact have a due on sale clause and I've asked the lender (Wachovia) if the loan could be assumed and the title be transferred and they flat out said no! She only has one lender by the way. Shes currently $10,000 in arrears including delinquent property taxes and owes $265,000 on top of that. Shes making this very hard for me to figure out. This afternoon my Mother in law said we could move into her one car garage if we needed to, but with our 6 people and her 6 people, 12 people would be sharing one bathroom. I'm between a rock and a hard place. I'm going to place an ad on Craigslist with the sales price of $280,000. Hopefully another investor will scoop it up. I'm getting closer and closer to having this baby and need things planned out before then. Again, thank you all for your help. Its so nice to see so many people wanting to help one another succeed. I wish all of you the best of luck in your real estate careers!

No money, No credit

Hi Eden, sorry to hear about your situation, our prayers are with you and family. I would first try to find out how much time is left before the actual foreclosure and then ask your mom to quit claim the property to you and hubby which should stop the foreclosure process. At this point contact a couple of trustworthy friends or family members that have higher paying jobs or good credit and ask if they would like to be part owner(s). Once partner(s) are chosen apply for a equity home loan, make sure you have a separate contact defining the terms of the loan, such as once loan amount reaches a certain amount they will quit claim their interest to you or you can buy them out at a agreed amount. Make sure you put everything in writing and have it signed and dated. Providing that idea don't work you may want to take a look at this website:(www.mortgage101.com/article/mortgage-loans-people-with-bad-credit). Also ask your mom to try placing a free ad on Craigslist under real estate for sale. The ad could say something like (SELLER WANTS OUT, WILL CONSIDER ALL OFFERS). That should get the phone ringing off the hook. Not sure if these ideas will help but, at this point anything is worth a try. Also if you can spare the money for Dean's books please get them you will not be sorry you did. I have studied a lot of courses and his is the best, trust me it's worth the money. You can PM me and I can run some other ideas by you to help with housing issues now. Take care, we will keep you in our prayers.

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Hi Eden

Being a realtor you may want to contact the Banks and Credit Unions in your
area,and see if you can get REOs in Bulk to sell to Investor buyers.You may be able to make a large commission.Hope this helps.Best Wishes (hang in there)


Additional Idea

You can use the idea that has been presented to do assignments of contract. They are one of the strongest and easiest ways to get involved in real estate. It is similar to being a Realtor but often makes much more money.

You will also find that working with private hard money lenders you can work a transaction very easily. This works very well as well because you can learn from them very quickly and create a lot of opportunity.


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

Assignments are good

You can Do Assignments if you Find Cash Buyers ........ Eye-wink this is what I'm doing now .

Short sale buyer

I sympathize with your situation as well as I'm having to recognize my mother's stubbornness as part of the aging process.

Short sale seems unrealistic unless you can make the case for lower value than is owed. Partner and I may be able to help in that regard but usually takes 5 weeks or more. I am just starting out with them.

If you did so with us we can give you buyer and seller commission.

To buy time you can try to come up with $10k (sell car etc) to stop foreclosure and/or find a way to partner with your mother on a duplex. Other good posts as to refinance etc.

You can also ask for a forbearance if you can demonstrate income at future date. You can possibly start a home business and serve as consultant and possibly establish corporate credit.

Another option could be to help us or brokers in your area with short sale processing and partner on profit and get commission on sale.

Good luck!


Here is my personal story we needed 30,000 but didnt have cash but my wife and i both had 401ks thats where our down payment ame from here is our testimony about deans plan I hopt that this motivates you.

My wife and I are very new novice investors to this Real Estate Game; Dean's Books have helped us get to a new level of personal living with the purchase of our dream home. We haven’t bought investment property yet but using his techniques we modified our existing loan and leased out our previous 2600 Sq Ft home which was built 2008 for us with a $500.00 per month positive cash flow. We then in late December 2009 bought a 4000 Sq Ft 6 bed room model home that was originally offered at $660,000 by the Builder. By using what we learned from Dean’s Think a Little Different, Be a Real estate Millionaire and Profit from Real Estate Right Now Books we got it with $30,000 down and at the price of $430,000 that’s 230,000 equity write off when the market goes back, with Builder Finance at 5.5% no bank or loan company involved. Thanks Dean now we are looking to form our LLC and start on income properties


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