Rude Sellers *

Rude Sellers *

Ok I was about to Close on A Deal when the Seller of the Property sent me A Very Rude Message , I Ignored the comment & Deleted The Message & has not replied to the Seller upon closing the Deal .

Not only that but the Seller doesn't want to Lower Their price for my Buyer .

Should I just Not do the Deal Or Just Ignore the Selllers Rudeness & go ahead & Close the Deal ?




Your instints and your heart.



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rude seller

What are you trying to do? Did you close on the deal or are you trying to assign a contract? Without knowing details, no one can provide advice. However, as Dean says in many of his books: be polite, compassionate and understanding while negotiating. The seller may have an emotional attachment to the house; he/she may have to sell, but not want to; or they may have just had a bad day at the office. Who knows? Whether you proceed or not is your decision, but remember: "It's easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar," Remain calm and they may change their tune.


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My Instints Tells me to Talk

My Instints Tells me to Talk to The Real Estate Agent that the Seller has & see If we Can Work With The Agent & Close the Deal through The Agent .

Hi Candace

It's kinda hard to offer suggestions as to what to do since we don't know what the rude message was or how it affected your deal. You say the seller doesn't want to lower their price for your buyer. But you also say you were about to close the deal. And then you ask if you should ignore the seller's rudeness and go ahead and close.

Did you ever reach an actual sale price with the seller or was that part of your closing the deal? Or did the buyer ask for a lower price after you had already reached agreement with the seller, and now the seller doesn't want to change the price? Do you have a deal at this point - with both seller and buyer - that you can go ahead and close?

It's always best to rise above bad behavior. Sometimes the other person is just having an off day or maybe they are genuinely anger about something in the deal. I'd recommend being the better person and proceeding to close the deal if possible. It's also best never to ignore people you are conducting a transaction with. Answer their emails with something like, I can appreciate your position, I'm sorry you feel that way, however.... Cooler heads really do prevail.

Good luck and let us know what happens.



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If you're dealing through an

If you're dealing through an agent, maybe something was misconstrued or lost in the communication. Have you talked with the seller directly?


Live well, laugh often and love much.

Walter Fabiszewski
Southern, FL

I was trying to Close A

I was trying to Close A Assignment , & Yes many people may have A BAD Day including myself I however do not take my Bad day out on Others I know how to Tame my Attitude especially if I'm trying to sell something to someone else , I did ask the Seller many Questions Of why they were Selling the Home They refused to say , So I did try to get Details & Understand the seller .

I notice after I asked the Seller upon their listing which I believe they have 2 Listings with 2 different Prices & 1 of the listings is with A Real Agent who has the same exact home up For A lower Price , & so I asked rather if they at one point was with A Agent Or are they with one because The 2 different Prices for the same home would confuse anyone .

thats when they Replied with A Very Rude E-mail , & So I left it at that & I'm still wondering if I should try at least , But I think I did right by just not responding back & Moving on with Other possible deals for my buyer .


I personal could care less if they are rude, as long as I am getting what I want, I can always laugh at them when I am on the way to the bank.



I Tried

OK last night I replied back to the seller & told them That I was sorry for how they felt & I'm about Business & I would still like to Do the deal .

The seller Responded Back with Another Rude e-mail So I'm contacting the Agent that they're with & see if Me & my Client can talk with the Agent & close the deal .

i Never Give up

I'm going to Ignore the sellers rudeness & try to do this Again All my Hard work in to this has to pay off some how & st least I'm not given up just because someone has A Attitude its always good to try else were Before drawing your final call on A deal , I believe everything happends for A Reason & maybe this is happending for A good reason.

I Believe to never give up Just because one Bad Apple .

I Just contacted The Real Estate Agent & I'm waiting to see what he says .

Close the deal Its never

Close the deal

Its never personal. Only business.

You can curse, scream talk about my momma.

As long as that check slides across the table into my hands I could care less.

They don't want to lower their price,....tell your client,...if he wants it he'l pay for it and you'll get paid for it. If he doesn't want to, then you move onto the next one.

Smile and let them cut the check.

good luck

You are going after with the right attitude, Like you said everything happens for a reason. It could be that this will help you down the road. Let me know how it turns out.



Go ahead with the deal as

Go ahead with the deal as long as you get what is due to you. Don't mind there rudeness, a lot of people are like that. Always remember that they need you. As long as you can close the deal, go on and find another one. Blessings to all. LA


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I am not one to say anything

I am not one to say anything to anyone as far as closing a deal because I have not done one yet. That being said I have a firm belief that unless it is a win-win-win situation in all my deals it won't be done. I know that doesn't mean that for instance, the seller is happy about selling their home, but I need them to feel satisfied with it. They need to know that they are out of their situation for putting the home up in the first place and I was able to help them do that. My team will get compensated for being a part of it and so will I. Dean preaches that all the time. If someone, whether buyer, seller, broker, etc. is not winning in the way I need then I will walk away from a deal. I won't want the drama that comes with it. If you seller has an issue with you personally I would recommend even bird dogging the deal to someone else and let them see if they can make the seller feel more at ease.

It is preached all the time in the books and all the superstars here on this site say it on a regular basis. This is a people business. People are our commodity. Without them (in any situation, bankers, agents, sellers, buyers, etc.) we have no product, i.e. property to deal with. Work well with others and things will go smoother than imagined. Cause ruffles in the water when not needed (whether your fault or not) then the ride is bumpy and could be dangerous. No one person can please everyone. So if you don't please this person maybe someone else can and you can focus your energy on a more positive transaction. Just my opinion.

Bothell, WA


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