I just finished Deans no money down book and was looking to work with the IEE strategy to start with. Problem is, I'm not sure where to start and i dont have enough money for the Academy. If someone could direct me into a direction, i will very much appreciate it!

thanks, cory


Welcome Cory

Hello Cory!!
Welcome I just finished deans books as well, what I would suggest is watching any of deans training videos so you have enough info as possible before you get started. Also there are action steps that dean give In each chapter of the book to get you started!! Go back every chapter and complete those steps those will get you started. Congrats on wanting to change your life for the better!! But don't fret!!

Hoped this helped, I am knew as well so I'm sure I will be asking you questions as well.. Contact my journal at anytime pm me we can start this journey together

God bless,
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IEE Strategy???

Been a while since I've read books...what does IEE stand for?


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