Bird-Dogging Promissory Notes A NEW QUESTION ???

Bird-Dogging Promissory Notes A NEW QUESTION ???

This maybe the most Intesresting Question ever asked

My Question Is ?

Can A Person ( Real Estate Investor ) Bird-Dog Promissory Notes to Companies who'll Buy Notes kind of like Finders Fees But only Bird-Dog Fee's ?

Cause I've been trying to come up with Thinking A little Different as Dean Grasziosi told us & It just hit me Could I
Bird-Dog Promissory Notes Over to Companies who Buy Notes .

Please hit me back with What you all Think .


Just letting you all Know I

Just letting you all Know I have not Did this Type of Real Estate , This Just Came to me After Thinking about Another way to Invest in Real estsate With NO Money & NO Credit & get Paid A Fee .


Yes you can,youd be called a note finder. Average fee is 4-8% and I bought the Russ Dalbey program "winning in the cashflow business" and I am happy with the service but selling notes isnt as easy as it sounds. My experience shows that alot of my leads had no idea what I was talking about and thought it was a scam. LOL
Good luck



"This is only the beginning"

Thanks But the thing

Thanks But the thing is alot of this people don't know about they think its a scam or sothing .,.lol thats why i was wondering

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