Tracking Down the Owner

Tracking Down the Owner

I found this property in Ca. The city code enforcement has started the lien process.
They paid me to do a clean up on the property. When I was talking to them they told me the owner had passed away and the property was owned free and clear. They have tried for months to contact any family members but no luck. How would I go about getting this property.


tracking down owners

I am having same problem in NJ try the power co they me still have elec to the property or gas.It seems that is happening alot

Ask if you can buy it off them directly....

Research on what your offer may be and let them know you're in the process of getting your financing(even if you're not)

If you happen to know a realtor very well, mention the property to them and have them do a BPO

Try while you'e doing this to speak with the head honcho in charge of making the decision(s) instead of speaking with 5-20 underlings who will want to feel important when they have no importance with regards to final decision

Hope this helps