Found a Home

Found a Home

Found a home about 1 hour from where i live. I was working with an agent until found out it was only worth 80k. Then she said she could no longer help me Sad. My areas average sale price is over 300k . I could close with 20% down no problem. Anyone else have problems with REO due to their low commission?


Do Some Leg Work

If the agent won't work with you, find one that will and if that doesn't work, call the bank that holds the REO and make an offer. If the deal is good and you want it, go for it...Jan

Found a Home

Are there really allot of agents that won't work with investors cause their commission is/might be low. That's too bad cause once one get the hang of investing in REO's, short sales, etc then that agent is only going to lose out on more commissions they wouldn't have had in the first place. I would rather take lower commissions and stay busy then nothing at all... Good luck.


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From what I learned from

From what I learned from talking to a few, They dont like wholesalers unless you are prepared to buy the home if you don't assign it. Their time is wasted otherwise. Some just feel your a threat and also dont like the low offer strategy. My guess is because their comission will be low. But that is fixable if your not greedy. I offered my agent 3% of my profits on wholesale deals.
I am sure there are other reasons too but there are some agents that will be happy to work with you. I think finding a agent that is new to the industry and is hungry is the way to go.

good luck

These guys are right...

The majority of RE agents are COMPLETELY worthless. Focus on finding one who is an investor themselves, and has investor clients. Explain up front that you are looking to build a working relationship. Let them know you won't be paying retail on sales price or commissions, but you will be doing multiple deals per year, and including your agent on deals they may have had little or nothing to do with.

Just like properties, you'll have to go through probably 100 agents, write off 90 of them, screen out 5 more, look at the remaining 5, narrow it down to 2, and let 1 of them earn your business and respect. The good news is, once you find the right agent, finding and closing deals of all types will get much faster and easier. Best of luck to you! Smiling


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Hi Guys , Thanks for all the

Hi Guys , Thanks for all the comments. I feel a little better now. I thought something was wrong with me . Found a new agent. She know I am looking to invest but wants me to sign an exclusity clause anyone do that? Its for 3 months.

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