Potential Deal

Potential Deal

I got a call today from a RE agent I work with and he has some friends of the
family who had to put their Dad in a nursing home and need to sell his house

He has some bills to pay and a Heloc on the house they want to pay off right
away. The are anxious to get some cash so they can pay off the bills and not
have to pay them on a monthly basis.


1150 Sq ft
No central AC or Heat
30 years old
Excellent condition, very minor cosmetic rehab.
Excellent quiet neighborhood in suburb of Baton Rouge Excellent schools,
shopping, etc.
Close as soon as possible for cash.
Quick calcs: 100K x .65 - $10k (repairs) - $5k = $50,000
ARV: $100,000

What do you think?


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