Assignment Fees

Assignment Fees

Hello DG family

I have a quick question... One of my investors wants help finding an end buyer for two properties for an assignment fee. I emailed all of my end buyers and one got back to me stating that he will split half of my assignment fee if we use one of his end buyers. I agreed to it because none of my end buyers were getting back to me. So my question is ... I want to write an assignment fee agreement between me and the first person that wanted me to find an end buyer and then I want an agreement with my end buyer that wants to split the fee...

How do I go about doing this?



sharing buyers and sellers

Hi i've recently come across the same situation, i dont know all the possible options that we have to go about it, i was thinking about splitting the fee just like what you're doing, but i want to know if there are any other ways to do this?

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