No Cash, No Credit, No Kidding ... (Oh my !!!)

No Cash, No Credit, No Kidding ... (Oh my !!!)

I believe, I believe, I believe that it's possible! Still wondering how many of you have done your "first" deal with no money of your own --- and without using your own credit? Can we see an encouraging head count?


I am pursuing

a property right now with no money of my own (this isn't the deal I have posted, but on that one I'm using money I didn't even realize I could be using!). I am looking for seller financing and have a presentation set up and ready to go to find OPM. I'll make sure to let you know when that deal (or one similar) goes through. Smiling Assignment requires no money as well, or birddogging. The possibilities are endless... with no money! Look up freeindeed. She's the queen of no cash needed! Then there's Matt Larson, and Greg, and Rina, and Anita, and Joe and Stacy. There're many more, just can't remember everyone's name! Laughing out loud

You DON'T need cash to do this! You'll get a lot of posts Smiling


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Appreciative of the feedback and the referral names mentioned !

I have had my head in the book ... almost non-stop ... But wanted to exhale and acknowledge your response and encouragement! Thanks!

Still Huntin

Hi everyone! I'm new to the success academy and RE Investing overall! Bad Credit (FC and other tragedies) and little $$$. I'm still fighting to get my first deal through assignment. So far I havent found those killer deals on FSBO sites or craigslist. I have felt discouraged and even wondering what i got myself into at times. Then again, that's how I've always felt and when trying something new. Finally getting my automated phone system set up and printing out my flyers. Do the flyers really bring you the deals you look for? Where is a good spot to post them? Thanks!


Hi Gabe

I only got the book in the mail on 5-19-10 ... so I'm not even as far along as you are. However, I can tell you that I see something (really revealing) and important in what you just wrote above! You said you've always felt discouraged when you are trying something new. Why do I think that remark is so important? Because, I think it means you are supposed to RECOGNIZE NOW that it's not SPECIFIC TO THIS and it's only a tape that is playing "on a loop" in the back of your head. All of us have "that kind of stuff" to some degree. Try to remember ... IT IS NOT SPECIFIC TO THIS GOAL OF BEING A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR ... it's just a pre-recorded message that you can acknowledge (sort of like Caller ID on your telephone) and decide to ignore.

I know I am going to do well at this. I already know (not to be confused with believing) I can do it. My circumstances are crappy, too.

I have not worked for more than two years -- by choice, initially. It was a tough time, and I existed on savings. At this point, I'm flirting with being almost broke. Although I have no bankruptcies or foreclosures on my report, I have some 'charge-offs' which tarnish my credit enough that I cannot qualify for a measily Visa or Mastercard. I own a home which I have not yet missed any payments on. I'm worried about it. I need to make my first deal fast.

While God knows that I prefer to get my first deal through a miracle ... I am willing to do what it takes! Join me. Let's do what it takes! Keep in touch!

You got it!

You got it!

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