Sending mail to buy property

Sending mail to buy property

I always had a dream of buying my first home i lived in growing up with my family. Well i finally feel I am ready to go for it. I found the property owner's address but no phone number and the people living at the property do not know a number because they mail payments to a PO Box.

I have found the owner's address and name and want to send them a letter in the mail to buy the property.

I wanted to know if any one has any templates i could use or even suggestions on what i should put on in the letter to better convince them to sell to me.

Just some points on the property.

They bought it in 89 for 8500 currently area is worth 170000, the property is in need of serious care to repair. What i have come up with so far as a letter is

I am writing in regards to your property located at ADDRESS HERE. My name is David and I buy properties for investment purposes. I wanted to too inquire about your interest in selling the property as-is without the worry of repairing any damages the property might have.
I would like to dicuss some options by phone at PHONE NUMBER HERE or meet in person at your discression to discuss some options of the property if you are interested.

any suggetions on adding more would be wonderful

thank you in advance



Hi David, This is the

Hi David, This is the Lettter Template that I am using and I got a lot of response on this so far. I also used this as a Postcard template and I hope this would help. If you don't get a response, move on to the next. Don't get stuck to one property or deal. After 2 weeks, resend your postcard. Blessings to all. LA

I am writing in connection to your property in (Address).
I buy all types of homes in good or ugly condition for any reason. I will make you a fast fair offer on your house. CALL ME TODAY AT xxx-xxx-xxxx.

7 reasons to call me right now:
-I can pay all cash for your home in 14-45 days.
-I can close quickly and friendly
-I can take over your existing payments
-I can help you sell your house faster
-I can stop bankruptcy or stop foreclosure
-I can buy your property as is
PLEASE CALL xxx-xxx-xxxx
Thank you.


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