Putting offers on REO Properties

Putting offers on REO Properties

Hi everyone, i just wanted to say you guys are a God send! I absolutely love this forum...Im learning tons of valuable information here.
Im fairly new to the different strategies used on here for real estate investing. I wondered how are you guys putting offers on REO homes? doesn't the bank want to see proof of funds, & and earnest monies deposit prior to putting the offer in? Please someone clarify this up for me.. Im a little confused. Thank you so much!


Putting in offers

Yes, you must have POF and a copy of a check attached to the offer. A photo copy of the check is good enough. You can get POF letters from Tailwind Funding at http://cashformyclosing.com/proof-of-funds/

Anyone else reading this, have you been using any Letter of Intent's to streamline the initial offer stage? I have heard of these working but not sure what types of properties this will work on ie REO, Short Sale etc.

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Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for responding. I'll check them out!! Thank you


You can state it is private money. Have the private money lender submit a letter that they will be funding the deal. Done Deal


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Omg! Your so smart!! Any suggestions on where to find a private money lender? Thank you so much.