letter for proof of funds

letter for proof of funds


I finally got an OK on a foreclosure property which gives me 30 days to fix up the house before i have to come up with the money on hand. I have already gotten the work set up to take about 9 to 10 days so it gives me almost 20 days to sell the house. My problem is however coming up with a letter to show i have proof of fund, when in fact i don't have any.

I found a friend that has a property with 90,000 in equality. What type of format or wording should i use so he can stat he will give me the money if repairs are made.

I am looking to buy some time so i can start on the property repairs.

Thank you again guys



David, Here is a site that

David, Here is a site that offers proof of fund letters that you can use.

you have to sign up (free)and they will email you a link to the proof of fund generator and you can follow the instructions from there.

Hope it helps


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Not sure that will work

Howdy, THank you for the reply it seems though the site wants an instant turn around. I did however find a family member to write me a letter for a proof of funds and i think the bank is going to go with it because the property they are putting on the table does have the equality. Again though Thank you for that site, i saved it and i think that is going to be perfect for some fast flips, and little to no money out of my pocket !!

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