Working with retail buyers

Working with retail buyers

Hi DG Family, i have a few great deals in my area that are really a steal..I would love to make the deals work, but im kinda stuck! I have no investors on my buyers lists yet, but several "cash" retail buyers...How can i get paid working with retail buyers?.. They want me to get them in a home, Can I do this? please help me out...
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Retail Buyers - AoC

When doing AoC, you can be paid to back out of the contract at the time of assignment or at closing. If a buyer has cash and is making cash offers then they will have what is called a proof of funds letter not a pre approval. There is a big difference inbetween the two! If any buyer has cash whether it is a retail or wholesale buyer then you would be paid at the time of assignment. You would find a deal that they are interested in and negotiate the contract to their specifications (a little better in most cases) then assign the contract to them. I hope that this helps!


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Thank you Salden for your

Thank you Salden for your reply. this did help, but can you please tell me what aoc means?

Assignment of Contract ( a.o.c.)

aoc simply means assignment of contract.


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appraised values

Hi guys, can you please tell me what's a great site, or the best ways to get appraised values or comps on homes? I went to zillow but their zestimate's are way off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx in advance..

If you have a RE agent, let

If you have a RE agent, let him/her run some comps in that area on the houses that were sold within 6 months to a year. That way you'll have a realistic idea what your property is worth. Hope that helps.



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Great advice

Thanks so much for the advice.. excellent idea.

My Two Cents

You get paid in the form of the spread, which is the difference between what you buy for and what you sell for. There is a saying and it goes like this, "You get paid the day you buy, not when you sell". This means that the better the deal you can negotiate and buy for, this is when you make your money.

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I understand, Thanks so much for the reply..

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