Making an Offer?

Making an Offer?

Ok guys I am new and I have only read 1 out of the 2 books I have received... I have been driving around like crazy checking out my ideal neighborhood and ALOT of the houses that I seem to be interested in or seeing are MLS... My question is how do I write an offer that will be taken seriously. What I am wanting to do is 1 - Owner financing and 2 - Assigning once I find buyers. Their are some killer deals out here I am certain and I sure as heck don't mind doing any work, but I also dont want to go look at properties if I cant figure out how to write an offer.

Also, I went and looked at a house today and it was a rehab that was listed with an agent for $11,000.00 and found out is is part of a estate, so they want all cash and no financing. This is something I cant do as of yet... My question for this is what are my options? I want so badly to make this work because I know this will change me and my kids' life!

Is it possible for someone to show me how to write an offer for lets say a house that is listed for 12,500.00 with a REA when I want to be considered for 100% owner financing. Also, even if someone was to accept my offer, what is next? What fees / money will I need to pay.
I guess what I am asking is if I made an offer, its accepted under the owner financing, don't I still have to have some money somewhere? What forms should I be prepared to have...

Please help me understand... Thanks everyone for all of the help and support so far!


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