Deans Favorite Website From His TV Show

Deans Favorite Website From His TV Show

Hello To All:
Recently Dean was on television and was doing a show for his new Your Town book.

He stated that there is only one website he uses to do his investing with.

Does anyone know what that site is and the web address? I have his new book but did not see the site listed anywhere.


I am not 100% sure But I

I am not 100% sure But I would believe its this one. I am new myself and I have my wife read the books and she translates all this to me. ( In Dumbanize of course )

There are a lot of tools here and I am finding them 1 by 1 ... I started this last week and I am having people and Realtors calling me all ready.. So far I am a bit scared to even talk with the Realtors because I don't have any properties yet.

Keep searching this site and I am sure you will find what your looking for.


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Actually he mentions this community but he had the website up and I could not see the name of it.

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