Declaration of (Financial) Independence!

Declaration of (Financial) Independence!

We the Members of the DG Family, do hereby declare our financial and personal independence.

We will NOT allow well-meaning friends and relatives steal our dreams by telling us it can't be done.

We will NOT allow a real estate agent or broker tell us that our investing strategies won't work because we have seen that they do.

We will NOT give up after the first, second, or even 100th "NO" we get back on our offers.

We will NOT allow ourselves to become paralyzed by over-analyzing information.

We WILL take action toward our goals which we have written out in specific detail and review weekly, because we choose to keep our eyes on the future instead of worrying over the past.

We WILL make sure that all our deals are WIN/WIN because that is how we operate our businesses.

We WILL stay positive when all those around us are thinking negatively, because we "think a little different" than your average real estate investors.

We WILL support our fellow DGers and celebrate their successes as our own, because they show us what is possible!

To all the DG family:
May you be blessed with health, wealth, and above all happiness this Independence Day and every day of the year!

P.S. Remember those that have given so much so that we may have the freedoms we do today.



That was such an amazing post!! I've bookmarked this and will be printing this and frameing it!! Wonderful that you cam up with this!! Such amazing people on this site it fills my heart with joy!! Happy 4th and stay amazing!!!

God Bless,

Gorgeous Frazier

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