Does anyone know where I can locate Apartment Buildings FSBO?

Does anyone know where I can locate Apartment Buildings FSBO?

I have already checked out the FSBO website and there wasn't much.



The List

Craigslist always works for us...Jan


All papers, EVEN small ones work to'



I know of 3 specific

I know of 3 specific apartments that are up for sale by owner. If interested then let me know and I will post the details.



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Check your local newspapers,

Check your local newspapers, go on line to craig's list also driving around for the signs near/on the property. If your not shy go and ask the property managers the status of the property. Hope this helps



I know of a few

I know of about 3 to 4 in my area, how large of a complex are you looking for. PM me lets talk I can help you if you need.


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