Hello To All:
You read that title correct and if you don't believe it, don't feel it and live it, and just don't see how the many concepts can work and work for you, then go find another means of making money.

First, this is a business, not something you do to make a grand or two this month and go finance a car or whatever you want this week or this month.

If you look at all the stories of success here, you don't ever see a pattern of doing one or two deals and calling it a day. You see stories of many purchases and deals and more coming.

You need to read the books. Sorry, this is a learn and plan before you pass go endeavor. You look at your own goals and the situation your in and you pick one strategy to begin with and you find those deals that fit that strategy and you hit the ground running.

If you find 10 deals this week but none fit your situation and strategy and you try to work those deals, you'll waste valuable time and get nowhere.

Why would you try to buy estate homes on the water in Miami if it was going to take you months to get the deal done, if it could get done???

Why would you not buy three foreclosures in a nice area where you could turn those deals in days or weeks and make money?

Do not get caught up in the big numbers!!! start small, make some money and increase the strategies you can employ. You started with one, now you can move up to using two strategies and increase the number of deals.


Right on!!

This is a great post and full of encourgement to help those of you that are struggling! Don't focus on the homerun, a base hit in real estate is great! Especially just starting out! Try, try, and try again - persistance does pay dividends in this business. In Jimmys post there are many keys to being successful in real estate investing. Right on Jimmy, keep up the good fight!


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A bunch of little steps can equal out to a lot of miles. Start small, I agree and the home runs will come when you need them. Nice post...Jan