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Hello Everyone, quick one and need an opinion.
I am into this a month and need to get streamlined and a nice flow going. I am joining the acadamy tomorrow.
Been reading, searching, physically looking at homes, open houses, fsbo's making a lot of decent contacts so far. So I found a decent Forclosure in my next town( there are many in my area) Owner is relocating and needs to sell. Also found a FSBO, with a divorce situation and they need to sell buy 8/31. Said to make offer. I like that. Smiling
My question is from when I click on the link for more info, it brings me to You need to register for free (limited time only) then I guess service is going to cost. looks good and I will probably do the free Trial. Anyone use it and what is your opinion of it?
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John A Musco -
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Online websites

All online websites use estimation when evaluating value. Zillow comes right out and tells you that this is a zestimate. You are using real dollars, so you can not afford estimation when coming up with an offer. These sites should only be used - in my opinion, to peak initial interest. Some sites are better than others but you need the best information possible!

What I would recommend is that you find a good realtor that will supply sold comparables for you. You will need to get a minimum of three sold comparables for each subject property that you are evaluating. Ensure that the homes are actually comparable, and have been sold within the last 6 months. Some realtors will do a great job, others will not - this information from them is free. You will always need to do personal due diligence before making an offer. Please, always use facts before getting involved in a real estate transaction. I hope that this information helps!


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