Staying Positive When things keep Fallin down

Staying Positive When things keep Fallin down

I'm doing The Real Estate Note Finder With Deans Program cause its the only way I can make money
in real estate right now .

I'm learning that If you really want it , Never allow a few Rejections pull you down , Just keep going until you get A Buyer Or a few Buyers .

Never give up even if some people e-mail you nasty rude replies just delete that e-mail & user & move on to the next cause its you , you're the one thats working & trying to make money in the Real Estate World we are all living under .

I have had 2 Rejections & 1 Nasty E-mail , But with All of that I keep my Faith open , & My Bible close to my Bed & Pray to Jesus God that i'll get A Buyer Or A few Buyers , & that I'm not giving up .

Keep Your Faith & Pray It will all come together Some day , Some time , & some how . Never let Rejection & Negitivty bring you Down .

I also pop in Dean's CD's & listen to his "Ready For Success" CD's & read the books & it keeps my mind open & focussed on what i want , & were I want to be & thats One day I want to Wake up With NO DEBTS , MY OWN HOME , & MONEY IN THE BANK , & VACATION & FLY were I want to go thisis what Drives me to get up & keep going .

I may not have A Buyer , & I may have Gotten rejected & I may have gotten A Rude Buyer , But it all has Tought me to Just Move on & not allow the Fallings of Real Estate Take its Total .


So for those who are Just

So for those who are Just starting Or those who are in this but keep getting rejected , one thing is for sure keep your faith & pray & in Gods will you'll get were you want to be , it may not be today , but if you keep at it God will sees the day of all that you're blessed with .

Keep going & I hope many of us like myself who have the getup & go power & want to work & want Deans Books to work will get our blessings some day.



I wrote this cause I know

I wrote this cause I know many of us have hit A Rock & may have been stopped dead in our tracks or have been back tracked right were we started & I know how it feels to get buyers & then get Rejected its like You can see your Golden ship Coming in from the Sea , But just when You think Your ship is Close It seems to always get pulled back in the Sea farther & farther from your reach , But You know in your heart that God will Push that Huge Golden Ship back on land to you , But you just Do not know when your Golden ship will land at land & at last your Financial Problems will sees & slowly go away.

Its not A Good Feeling & at times you may get Sad & upset & just want to Quit , But I'm one Who has tried Everything & I'm choosen to get into Note finding for Investors & Buyers & othough I have No Buyers Now I know If I keep trying One day I'll Get A Buyer Or maybe Many Buyers.

Remember when 1 or 2 Doors Close , There are many that You can Open .

That's the only thing that keeps me from giving up

I know that God is guiding me through all this, and my hard work is going to pay off eventually. I am patient enough to know this is going to work, and need it to enough to not give up.