What are some of the best ways to find probate properties

What are some of the best ways to find probate properties

Hey everyone, I spent a few hours today searching my counties websites and making phone calls to try and get a hold of some sort of list that has information on probate properties. Now, I am either doing something wrong, like searching incorrectly or maby looking in the wrong area... Or my county doesn't have the records available online, it's unlikely though givin where I live.

I remember dean saying something also about "notice of creditors" published in news papers, wouldn't those be available to look up online as well?

So my question is... What works best for you? How do you go about finding these types of records? Online ... Newspapers... Courthouse... ???

Any advice would be much appreciated... Talk to you soon


Finding probate properties

What ever county you live in you should type in google ex: summit county court of common pleas probate division and see what pops up. But obviously put your county there instead of the one I just wrote.

If your county has this site it should show up in the search. Once there go to case access or records and do general index search. Then just imput the dates that you want to search back to. Also input Party type is (decedent), type of case is (estate), status type is (open).

I would only search one month at a time because there will be so many to go through plus I don't think they will be able to show you more than that at a given time.

This is the way I do it where I live and works great. Hope it works for you!

Jason B


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No luck yet

Hey Jason

Thanks for the info... I dont know why, but Im still having a hard time with accessing the records in Maricopa county AZ... The site is pretty huge & a little difficult to navigate

I actually had no problem looking them up where your at in summit county though.

If anybody out there has experience with searching probate records on the Maricopa County AZ website, and could point me in the right direction that would be fantastic.

until then I will keep looking, and also grab a local newspaper to search if they list notice to creditors.

I know this thread is a few weeks old.... But

I know this thread is a few weeks old.... But I thought I would give it some resolution.

In Maricopa county AZ where I live, its a little difficult to access these records online... The site they are on is not the most user friendly, But it can be done.

I actually ended up going to pick up the Arizona Capital times which has a section just for public notices... This is much easier in my opinion & has hundreds of listings.

So now for the next step. I will be making contact & see if I can make something happen with some of these probate properties.

Also just wanted to give Sac-towns-finest a thank you shout out for all of her help and advice throughout this process.

SJ Backholm,

You could try calling the court house to see if they can help you navigate through their website. Not everyone will do this but some are very helpful on the phone.

Best of luck to you and please keep us posted on how this all works out for you.


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Good luck !

~ Sherri

Finding probate properties

One way you can look for Probate properties is to see if your local
newspaper is online,if so go online to it and look in the classified
section,and look under legal.You may just find an attorney posting
probates in the paper,and go from there. Hope trhis helps.