A Possible Buyer for My assignment deal ( Someone Known )

A Possible Buyer for My assignment deal ( Someone Known )

I needed A buyer for my Assignments & so I e-mailed A well known Real Estate Investor In California I had been to his website many times & he buys Million Dollar homes in California so i e-mailed him & told him I assign properties in Beverly hills , CA & i'm needing A Buyer , He replied just in minutes Asking for more Detail , I'm forwarding him a little detail of the home & I'm Praying to Mother Mary & Jesus that this Guy takes in my 1st Deal & other possible Deals .

I'm like If this Guy takes on my Deals he could main well get other wealthy Investors to come my way in the Future & that would be wonderful & can add to my Business Resume as A investor myself .

So I ask every one to please Pray for me , I've been on A Sticky Road with trying to get Regular Homes Assigned to No luck & has been turned downed many times.

I do not know rather if its Just sure luck Or rather if its doing Assignments with Properties that are More Luxury I do not know maybe its good timing Or God heard me cry & ask him for help .

But now when I go to sleep I'm The most happiest person ever its like I can't wait to get up the next morning to Check my E-mail to see were I'm at in this hole process of just doing 1 Assignment deal .


I'm wondering if anyone else

I'm wondering if anyone else has felt so happy & could see their financial hardships fade away as they get closer to closing a deal & receiving that first check in the mail.


I have also ran into someone that wants to buy one property a week and is waiting to see what I have to offer him. So, yes I can feel the burden beginning to lighten-up a little. Still not sure exactly what documents to use but I'm sure I figure it out.
Anyway, CONGRATS and we wish you all the success of being a Real Estate Investor!

Clarence Grooms


Clarence E. Grooms




sure you have my pray,and I wish you all the best in this world, and wish you all the good deals you can get,and I wish this to all people who are here in this forum,God bless you all and let God give as power to achieve all!

Keep that positive attitude

Congrats on working on that 1st deal. I'm glad you have seen that divine light at the end of the tunnel.

All the Best

I wish you all the success...& Hope and Pray that things may turn out in your Favout....wish you all the Best!!!

Happy & Successful Investing....

Mirza Smiling

good luck and I will send in

good luck and I will send in a prayer for you...Im also working on an assignment deal finally.


If i was you i would still keep looking for more to assign to. the more you have the easy it is. Keep taking action and things will work out.