Properties generating 26.31% annual ROI

Properties generating 26.31% annual ROI

Mason Hill identifies rare markets that are actually appreciating, then we acquire properties ‘in bulk’ in these markets. We select newer, larger, properties – typically duplexes. Our team reconditions the properties. Then our property management division finds the tenants, rents it out, collects the rent and deals with all the little details of managing your property.

The typical monthly net income on each duplex is $650 to $1,000 per month (and that's after paying ALL expenses) and the typical appreciation in the markets our analysts have identified is around $3,000-$4,000 per quarter.

All of our properties were built 2004 and more recent. By leveraging our buying power, YOU are able to acquire them for less than $40/per Square Foot, fully refurbished with a comprehensive warranty. A conservative replacement cost is around $80/ per Sq. Foot. So you are buying them for no worse than 50 cents on the replacement dollar with tenants in place and strong cash flow. Typical cash on cash return is around 19-26% per year and the CAP rates are an impressive 13%+ Financing Available.

For more detailed information about the company (videos, case studies, example properties, brochures, etc), visit The link below is an invitation to tomorrow night's INVESTOR WEBINAR that explains Mason Hill's investment model in great detail.

To summarize, Mason Hill analysts scour the real estate markets so you don’t have to. We establish the relationships. We determine which properties are in the best condition for the lowest price. Mason Hill also saves you time in property management and lining up tenants, and in so doing, we take all the work and worry out of acquiring income producing real estate.

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