Signing realtor agreement?

Signing realtor agreement?

Hello everyone!
First I want to say I think everyone here is awesome, helping each other out! I would love to get to know each and everyone of you here and be part of the DG family!

I was wondering is it the norm to have to sign an agreement with a realtor to get expired listings on the MLS? The realtor sent the agreement and it said if I back out of a deal, I still have to pay and if I find a for sale by owner, she has to be included in the deal. I am not going to sign...I was just wondering if anyone else has come across this?

How to get expired listings and I am also interested in find a list of cash buyers for the past six months. Any ideas would be great!

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Dawn H

What State is this in?

I am curious as I just sent out my emails to realtors and I would like to see if they come back with this same statement.

Realtor wants to get paid.

It should not be necessary to sign the agreement, but some plan should be in place to compensate the agent for supplying the information. Access to the information you are asking for costs the agent money. Expired listings would probably not allow for the agent to earn a commission. Set something up with the agent that allows them to get paid. The agent is in buisness to make a living also, and they have expenses that need to be covered. If you are going to flip properties that you are purchasing from the expired listings, give the agent the oportunity to list those properties for you. If the agent sees that they can make some money by helping you, they will be willing to spend some time and money to make you successful.

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