Doing Assignments & Purchasing Land to Develope

Doing Assignments & Purchasing Land to Develope

I'm currently trying to do Assignment Deals , I set down tonight & Read "YOUR TOWN YOUR REAL ESTATE" Book & I started thinking What If I Buy some land in Malibu,CA & Develope it into A Housing Development & Build homes on the land to Sale & generate more Income
I'm not sure if anyone else has done this But I would really love to Just Buy Land in certain states like California , Oklahoma , Texas , & New York & Build New Homes In Communities & sale them , I may start out just Buying 1 piece of Land & building 2 or 3 Homes & selling them Just to test it out to see if it'll work & if so then branch out into other states like OK , TX, & NY .

I'm online right Now About to E-mail A Agent about A Piece of land in Malibu,CA Which is near The Ocean & seen if its Duable for Building 2 or 3 Homes & more.

Another Agent Contacted me upon Properties I'm Interested in Assigning under Contract & I'm wanting to Buy 2 Homes Using None of my own Money which will be my first home buying Deals ......LOL

So i'm Busy as you can see with Trying to Get Properties for Assignments , Buying Properties & Land .....LOL

I can see myself Becoming A Millionare In A Few years ...LOL ( Just Joking ) but I can see myself Becoming Very Abundant in life , I Use Abundant or Abundance Because it can be anything From Been Abundantly Loved , Heathly , Or In some cases Wealthy I Do not like using the Words Wealthy , Or Rich I Love the Word Abundance Or Abundant .