Anyone EVer Deal With Bank Of America?

Anyone EVer Deal With Bank Of America?

Hello, everyone. I am working a deal in Reiserstown, MD. that is a foreclosure. The house originally sold for 400k. It now belongs to Bank of America and I have heard they are the most difficult bank to work with. While the owner is willing to do the deal, I would like to have all the info I need to make this a done deal. Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, if anyone is interested on a fantastic MD. house at a discount please respond either here or by PM. I will be open to all offers as soon as I get this thing accepted by the bank. Thank you to all and much success.



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Bank of America

I have not heard that Bank of America is the hardest to work with. My experience has not shown this either. The banks that I have the hardest time with is Chase and CITI.

You mention in your post that the seller is willing to work with you but you also say that the property belongs to Bank of America. Is Bank of America willing to work with you? Or another owner?

If Bank of America is the owner you would make an offer. There is not much else you may need to do. Other may have fine little points to follow but in the end the easiest is just to make an offer.


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