New To The Community

New To The Community

My name is Michael and since I am new here as of today, I wanted to introduce myself.

I have been investing in real estate since the age of 19. I purchased a 4 family, which is also known as a 4 unit in some parts of the country. I purchased it for $256,900.00, which was a pretty high price for a property at that time. I held onto it for four more years and then sold it for $445,790.00.

Since that time, I have purchased many more properties thorughout NJ, NY, PA and South Florida. I won't say how much money I have made, but it is enough to be financially independent for life and for my family to be as well, and I enjoy it as much today as I always have.

I have used many of the techniques that Dean teaches as well as many he does not, such as equity sharing, deferred down payments and other one's that may not work in todays markets.

I have used hard money, conventional funding, no money down seller financing and many more.

I am looking forward to being here as much as I can