Should I lock it up based on these numbers?

Should I lock it up based on these numbers?

Ok, the FSBO seller called me back and countered from my 34k to 36k. I told him I'll have to mull it over. The house comps out for 62k based on 2 recent sales of the same style home in the same area, less than a 1/2 mile. The houses are the same age, style and lot size.

Also, the place needs 8k (mostly costmetic)to make it rentable. The roof is good. The driveway is good. Inside just needs paint and the carpet cleaned. The only major thing that may need to be replaced is the water heater in a few years.

With these numbers in mind should I put this under contract so I can wholesale this deal for 3k?



Its possible

Their are a few more things you need. What is the taxes a year and how much would it rent for. If you try to wholesale you want all your ducks in a roll'



here are the rest of the stats

The rents seem to go for $850 a month for a 3 bedroom house. And the taxes paid are about $700 every 6 months. How's that for this "deal"?

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