Real Estate Auction For My Homes

Real Estate Auction For My Homes

OK I'm locking up 2 Luxury Homes in Beverly Hills, California & selling them as Assignments at A Auction in California with ED Kaminsky's Premiere Estates auction company , Ed Kaminsky was on TV On "Real estate Confidential " , I've asked all kinds of Questions with him because I want to know what his company does & howeverything will be before going into doing A Auction to Assign over my 2 Homes .

So I'm in process of locking up The homes Today & getting This on the Road .

If any of you want to go to my Auction you may contact me @ kanzaz22@**** for Day , Time & Location who knows You might be my Buyer .

I'll also post A update & allow you guys Information as well maybe some of you who are in the CA Area like to go .

Hope this really Excites me & I would recommand doing A Auction if you can not find A Buyer Or Buyers .



Also When doing any deal Please be honest & let everyone know exactly what you're doing & what you're looking to get out of the deal & marketing of your homes is A MUST BE HANDS ON No one else knows what you want but you so be Hands on at all times through out everything even if your just dealing with A Buyer .

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