Need to know the exact order to sign forms and Contracts?

Need to know the exact order to sign forms and Contracts?

Hey Everyone,

(I posted this a week ago)

I am so ready to make my first deal happen, extremely motivated would be a huge understatement!

I want to make sure I have everthing in place to ensure it goes as smothly as possible.

What I want to be clear on is the documents and the order they are to be signed?

I have gone over them many times and I want to be completley sure I understand them before I sit down with the seller and buyer.

Also, how would I aproach a title company or real estate lawyer to submit the documents?

Any advice would be very helpful.

I am ready to do this!

Thank you so much!

-Eric Walker


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Have you talked with a escrow company or attorney yet,these are the key players you will need to complete your deals.Find a Title/closing office that you want to use,go in and talk with them,let them know that you are planning to do business with them and they will let you know what the whole process will be.Try to find one with a Real Estate Attorney.Find your seller and get the contract signed,find your buyer,do an Assignment of contract,send the paper work to the escrow office,ask them to open escrow and title search,have a closing date and bring the seller and Buyer together for closing.collect your assignment fee. Hope this helps!

Good Luck & Good Investing



whurndon your answer is prefect,When it comes down to any/all contracts.I have been reading this info for months not realizing,Not too over-think it!
Your comment makes prefect sense meaning:In most chases you will need to go thru an Title/Attorney for closing,It makes sense to ask these future/present team players(What it is exactly that you want to do and provide the proper paper work for the closing)for they,re two cents.



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I have posted a few times about contracts with no pervail until I came across your post. Thank you so much for the information and I hope all the newcomers can find this post as well and not have to spend to much time looking.

Good info....

Do you recommend any title/escrow company ( with real estate attorney) in the Bryan-College Station,Texas area? In the Houston,Tx. area? Thanks, Pete

Thank You!

Thank you for the very helpful and valuable advice! I have already been talking with local investors and will be calling sellers this week to make offers.

I will contact a few title companies this week and I have been looking for a real estate attorney to work with this week.

My Goal is to wholesale or assign my first deal with in the next 14-30 days!

The info you provided will help me do just that!

Thank you again!

With Honor,
Eric Walker


"Become what you believe" -Jesus Christ

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