Realestate Release

Realestate Release

I recently fired a RE for not bringing me offers.They gave me a Unconditinal my Question is this dose this void the original listing agrement that states 90 days any one that they showed the house to I still have to pay comission.



If you got an "unconditional termination" of contract, you would not have any responsibilities to the Agent.




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Agent Contracts

Why would you ever sign a 90 day exclusive contract with an agent? That means that you can never receive leads from another agent unless you pay your exclusive agent commission as well. My advice is NEVER to sign one of these contracts. You let the agent know that what ever leads you bring them they get their commission, but if you received a lead from another agent then the other agent is entitled to their commission for doing the work. First, it keeps healthy competition between agents and second, if the agent isn't performing you don't owe them anything. You can walk away.

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It appears you received some good advice already from Al. I believe that real estate is a learnign experience as you go. Each day we learn more to better prepare us for the next day ahead. Good luck with your real estate investing and keep the faith! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Release from contract with seller if no invester found???

What terminology should the contract contain so I'm not held liable if I can't find an investor within time frame? Secondly, what's a reasonable timeframe and where should this be included in the contract? Pls. advise



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This is what I thought But figgerd I would check to make shure.