Making offer on Ugly House

Making offer on Ugly House

Ok so today Im meeting with the agent to make my offer. My question do I need to know anything or is this just a simple process? Im nervous and getting a little foggy on what I need to do. Any Ideas would be great you all have helped me so much Thanks Again..

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Same situation

Im currently in the same situation as you. I just found my first property that needs a lil tlc. so i guess we can help each other out on this one. My questions are how much below fmv is the property and after repairs what % if any are you below. And 2 is basically getting the loan for the property. Whats needed to qualify for an investment property?


It should be a fairly simple

It should be a fairly simple process if you have all of YOUR information. Make sure you go into the meeting knowing what you want to do. You'll at least want your offer price and contingencies. If you have other information such as repair costs, possible big problems with the home or things along that line then you should tell your agent so that he can also make it clear to the seller why your offer is so low.


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Pre Qualify letter

Does any one know the name of the company that will give you a letter of pre-qual so I can make offers through agents? I have seen post on this site before but can not find them now.



You can go to costal-funding at
I would rcommend you modify the letter once it get emailed to you.
You may not want to include the website address on the letter.


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Thanks for the tip on the web site and letter editing.


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Hello Hitmen9,
I recieved your PM but was un able to respond because of the CAPTCHA thing.
Any way here is the info her name is Donna her contact #'s are
573-739-4100 or 573-453-8250 tell her I sent you. I am not sure If she is licensed id CT or not.

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proof of funds

Hello everyone,
Thank you for the information on proof of funds. I also need proof of funds for my deals, but how do you modify the letter once emailed to you. I got the proof of funds before but i was unable to print it with the signature. Does it matter if there is a signature on the proof of funds letter on not.
Please advise. Thanks.