I made an offer!!!!!!!!!!

I made an offer!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I made the offer on the house 25,000 so please everyone keep your fingers crossed and pray I get it closing would be in 30 days after I have a buyer lined up and im going to offer it to him for 40,000or50,000 it will take 50,000 to fix and then could sell from 220 to 270 Thats a great deal right?

Chance Property Investments

A Chance Worth Taking


Only You stand in your way!!!!! Get out of the way!!!!


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Congratulations on making that first offer. Fingers crossed that all goes well. Keep us updated!

RE: I made an offer!!!!!!!!!!


Great job, I'm glad to see you moving towards your goals. If you get the house, and if your numbers are correct, I'd like to possibly make an offer to buy the home from you...cash. Keep me posted.


Congrats! Let us know!

Congrats! Let us know!


Success and Nothing Less!

Congratulations Hitmen 9

Please let us know how this goes.

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Great job taking the 1st step! Keep pushing forward, we all support you! I hope all goes according to plan for you on this deal. Be sure to keep us updated with your progress.

Good luck! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins

P.s- great looking business card! Smiling


Thank you everybody for your continued support I will defiently keep you posted on everything that happens. Im already thinking about my second deal as I write this. I called a FSBO today and im going to look at it tomorrow. i can see that this house needs a little work and the owner is leaving town. I think all the pieces of the puzzle ar falling into place. Either way I love this site and all of you guys and girls out there doing the same as me. Dont be scared go out and get what you want!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Again

Chance Property Investments

A Chance Worth Taking


Only You stand in your way!!! Get out of the way!!!!!


Your business name "Chance Property Investments"

I applaud you for putting in the effort and making that first deal. Great job, and keep up the good work. I do have a concern with your business name.
You may want to consider changing that name because the word "chance" makes me think that something may not be right with your company. It's as if I am taking a big risk with you.


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
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See I see it as a Chance for me to change mine and someone elses life.

Thats why it is A Chance Worth Taking....


What is everyonr thinking on the negative part of Chance and not the positive.
If someone didnt give you a Chance You probably wouldnt be where you are?
If you didnt give Dean a Chance you wouldnt of profited from his advice?
If you didnt take the Chance on making an offer it may not of been accepted?

Chances are good things and everyone deserves them.

Chance Property Investments
A Chance Worth Taking


Check out my business card

Just my first impression

I am just giving you my first impression on the name.
It may not be an issue at all for what you are doing.


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
Napoleon Hill quote


First deal already in the bag, with a ready buyer in Nick. Now tell me if this site is not one of a kind. Now on to the next deal, and I am sure you could get your next buyer right here. Congratulations, you should be proud of yourself for doing a wonderful job. God Bless.



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"In all things, wait on the Lord."
"Think not of your own deliverance, but trust in God who will give in abundance."
"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something." Unknown
"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about those things that really matters." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Way to go hitmen9!!!! You

Way to go hitmen9!!!! You have inspired me to take action. I just finished Dean's book yesterday and I am stoked! I have already made a few contacts with people that are willing to help me...one is a client of mine that used to be a Real Estate Agent..lucky me. Anyway, I would like to know how it works out for ya.

Keeping my fingers AND toes crossed!



"Your ability to succeed is only limited by your ability to conceive that success in your mind. Believe and it shall be."

Money flows EASILY to me!
I am a money MAGNET!
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on making your offer. I'll keep you in my prayers. Now on to #2 Smiling


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the Merciful.
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23. He is Allah besides Whom there is no God: the King, the Holy, the Author of Peace,the Granter of Security, Guardian over all, the Mighty, the Supreme, the Possessor of greatness. Glory be to Allah from that which they set up (with Him)!
24. He is Allah: the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner: His are the most beautiful names. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth declares His glory: and He is the Mighty, the Wise.


does anyone listen to click and clack on cartalk on NPR ?

when the show is going off they name there russian chauffeur "pickanddropoff"

which is a joke. but when they say there law firm is dewey cheatham and howe they are serious. dewey cheatham and howe are also the producers of the show. thats a real law firm.

what if chance was bills last name.

bill keep it chance investments. i think you can work that in your favor. i agree with your analogies about us taking a chance on dean. your right.



I like it

I'll take a chance on that Smiling


Warmest regards,



I agree that you should keep the name. You obviously believe in it and are commited to it. With that firm belief you will make it successful. Congratulations on your first deal and I wish you continued success.

Outside my comfort zone: Result: First Purchase!!! YAHOO!!!!!

After finishing Dean's books and reading for weeks support comments from DG family.....I dove in and caught the wave!!!!!!! It was so scary but I didn't look back or listen to all the negative BS...I bought a property in PA...I am in CA and I am making $12,000 from that one deal....doesn't seem much but to me its $12 million.......I remembered reading a quote from the Millionaire Mind cards I have had for two years....."comfort zone" is in direct proportion to your "money Zone." Be willing to do what's uncomfortable. It's the only time you're growing. Those words really meant something today.....Thank You Lord and my DG family


"No matter who you are it's the simple things in life that lead you to believe that you can achieve anything"...

congratulations on buying

congratulations on buying your property! thats great to hear!


Success and Nothing Less!

Thanks Ikward13.....that's

Thanks Ikward13.....that's very supportive.....can't wait to finish the whole process.....yahoo


"No matter who you are it's the simple things in life that lead you to believe that you can achieve anything"...

You're enthusiasm has definitely motivated me!!!

I'm one of those DGers that are "on the brink" and trying to get past the fear of moving forward. Calling on properties or realtors or anyone I don't know is very intimidating to me. Hearing your first success reminds me why I signed up to do this in the first place.

I'm anxious to hear how it turns out...Keep us posted : )



How did it turn out on the property? Been a couple months, just curious. Either way is good: a deal or a learning experience! Hope you have gained from it, and hope to hear from you. Smiling (sorry if I missed a different thread)

Amazngrc! - I am going to look now if you wrote about your deal somewhere else, but congratulations!! That needs a thread of it's own so people don't miss the good news! Smiling

God bless,



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